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    Land practice

    Investment in land is one of the most risky types of investment, requiring caution and much consideration. Professional and legal oversight of land deals, a thorough legal analysis of the documents of the acquired assets not only identifies and minimises risks in advance, but also defines a fair price for the land.

    Our Services:
    • Consultation on investment in plots of land, and professional recommendations relating to the plan and investment mechanism so that the assets are protected in the best way possible;
    • Verification and categorisation of land and permitted land usage and restrictions;
    • Legal expertise in documents relating to the land or division of the land, and entitlement;
    • Status check of the area of land:
          -Verification of the validity of the ownership rights to the land;
         -Analysis of the background and legality of the legal owner, the rights to ownership and usage of the land on which economic activities are  conducted;
         -Check of the status and authority of the seller during completion of the sale of the plot of land or part thereof;
         -Check for the presence of any entailments relating to the land, and their legality.
    • The development, analysis and examination of agreements, acts, and other documents essential to the completion of transactions involving the land or portion of the land;
    • Participation in negotiations with contractors with the aim of reaching the optimal outcome when the contract is closed;
    • Representation in arbitration tribunals and regular courts of law when considering disputes connected with the transfer of land including:
          -Recognition of ownership rights to plots of land;
          -Cognizance of invalid deals affecting plots of land;
          -Inducement to close a contract concerning a plot of land that is located on municipal property;
          -Annulment and changes of agreements involving plots of land;
          -Application to register land ownership rights or land agreements with the government;
          -Recognition of invalid government registration of land ownership rights;
          -Protection of property rights of landowners and leaseholders;
          -The establishment of the cadastral value of the land and the redemption value of the plot of land.