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    Employment practice

    Russian labour legislation has many contradictory regulations which create risks for businesses. In order to minimize these risks and preserve a company’s assets, special consideration must be given to the relationships between employers and employees and state bodies with powers in the sphere of employment rights.

    Our services:

    • Drawing up employment contracts (including assisting in the development of senior personnel incentive schemes taking international practices and the specific personnel policies of the client into account);
    • Adaptation of international personnel policies for agencies in the Russian Federation;
    • Development and examination of local legislation, documents concerning labour accounts and pay, the preparation of other documents connected with the registration of employment relations;
    • Oral and written consultations concerning employee health and safety, drawing up guidance, the development of procedures to observe health and safety regulations;
    • Consultation on and full supervision of employment, transfers, changes in work conditions and all types of dismissal, the preparation of essential documents and negotiations with employees;
    • Participation in collective negotiations on the preparation, conclusion or amending of a collective agreement, development of a collective agreement project;
    • Labour Audit:
            -Verifying that the statutory acts of the company conform with Russian legislation
            – Expertise in local company regulations, and also the different types of labour contract used by the company, and other individual agreements concerning work, and their conformity with the legislation and interests of the company
            -Verification of the availability and correctness of initial labour audit documents and payments
            – Verification of dismissal procedure and transfers
            – Ensuring that disciplinary procedures are correctly observed
            – Ensuring the observance of workers’ liability obligations
            – Ensuring that employment histories are correctly maintained.
    • Representing the interests of the employer to employees, trade unions and government bodies (State Labour Inspectorate);
    • Oral and written consultations on issues concerning various categories of staff (persons working in shifts, persons working in the far north and other such regions);
    • Implementation of staff redundancy procedures;
    • Participation in the prevention and resolution of labour disputes;
    • Representation in lower courts in matters regarding labour disputes, and appeals against the Labour Inspectorate.