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    Corporate practice

    TIM Advisers offer leading corporate practice services. We offer legal solutions at every level of company activity, starting from the selection of the optimal business form for market operations, and ending with support of current projects working in close partnership with lawyers from the department of corporate practice. Our clients can always depend on professional help and assistance in optimizing company resources.

    Our Services:

    • Registration of legal entities (company registration) of different business forms (Co Ltd, CC, OJSC, etc) in the Russian Federation, and the CIS;
    • Accreditation of agencies and affiliates of foreign legal entities (businesses) in the Russian Federation and the CIS;
    • Registration of separate divisions in Moscow and other regions of the Russian Federation;
    • Registration of Russian and foreign non-commercial organizations (agencies and affiliates of foreign non-commercial non-governmental organizations);
    • Registration of amendments to constituent documents (change of address, change of founders, shares, names of legal persons etc.);
    • Registration of changes not included in the constituent documents (change of an individual entity, changes in the activities of legal entities etc.);
    • Licensing of various types of company activity (licensing of auditing and medical activities etc.);
    • Certification (certificates of conformity and quality);
    • Registration of the issue of securities (registration of share issues);
    • Drawing up constituent documents, local regulations, contracts and other corporate documents;
    • Legal expertise on civil agreements and other documents;
    • Reorganization and liquidation of legal entities.