On 11 April 2020, Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin signed Decree №43-УМ “On the approval of the Procedure for processing and using digital passes for moving around the territory of the city of Moscow during the period of high-alert regime in the city of Moscow”, according to which special digital passes are introduced for trips in Moscow and the Moscow Region on personal and public transport.

One can start issuing digital passes from Monday April 13, 2020. From Wednesday April 15, 2020, they become mandatory for any travel on public or personal transport. 

!!!! Taxi services will check if a passenger has a digital pass to travel around Moscow when ordering a trip!!!

How to get a digital pass?

There are three ways to get a digital pass:

On the portal MOS.RU Select the service “Obtaining a digital pass for moving around the city”, fill in the necessary data, send an application. The system will display on the screen a special code that needs to be saved (record, take a picture or take a screenshot). At the same time, a pass will be sent to e-mail, if you specified it.
Send SMS to 7377 short number

Code for the exit goal:

       1  – pass for employees;

       2   – pass for visiting a medical organization;

       3   – a pass for a single trip for other purposes.

Code of the type of identity document:

1  – Russian Passport;

2   – a Foreign passport;

3   – Other document.


Template for SMS messages for skipping working:

Pass*goal code*document code*document series*document number* machine number (if used)* Troika card number (if used)* Arrow card number (if used)* TIN of the organization *short name of the organization.


SMS template for a pass to visit a medical organization:

Pass*goal code* document code*document series*document number*date of birth (separated by a dot)*vehicle number (if used)*Troika card number (if used)* Arrow card number (if used)* short name of the medical organization.


SMS template for a pass for a trip for other purposes:

Pass*goal code*document code*passport series*passport number*car number (if used)*Troika card number (if used)* Arrow card number (if used)* exit goal (maximum of 20 characters)*destination address.


IMPORTANT: Please use the Russian keyboard layout to indicate the vehicle’s license plate number. If you don’t use a car or a Troika/Arrow card, nothing is filled in between the ** characters. The characters themselves are required.

By phone

+7 (495) 777-77-77

The passes can be written on a sheet of paper.

Who does not need to receive digital passes?

Travel without a digital pass for official purposes is entitled to be made by military personnel, law enforcement officials, judges and other employees who have certificates established by the state.

Digital passes are not required for citizens under 14 years of age.


What additional information needs to be reported for travel by private car and public transport?

When applying for a digital pass for trips in a personal car, you must provide its state registration number. For travel in public transport, the application for a pass must indicate the number of the card “Troika” or “Strelka” (if available).


How to use a digital pass?

While traveling, citizens are required to present a passport and a digital pass (show a printout or a smartphone screen) at the request of officials who control the movement within the city.


Will personal data be protected?

The storage and processing of personal data collected for the issuance of digital passes will be carried out in accordance with the legislation on personal data. At the end of the high alert regime, information on issued passes will be destroyed.


What happens to people who violate the lockdown orders?

Under a decree signed by Mayor Sergei Sobyanin earlier this month, those who violate lockdown orders will face fines between 4000 rubles and 5000 rubles. Authorities can also impound violators’ cars.


But On Monday, Eduard Lysenko, director of the Moscow’s Department of Informational Technologies, said those who don’t use digital passes when required will face fines ranging from 1000 to 40000 rubles.